Competitors products use gel which sits on the surface of your teeth. Since gels do not penetrate, stains are simply bleached and not removed. And due to the lack of moisture in gel, water gets sucked out of the teeth which results in tooth sensitivity.


Our foam system penetrates the surface of the teeth allowing the stains to lift off the surface. Once the stains are lifted, the whitening agaent can penetrate faster. Foam is a cleaning agent, like a detergent. It cleans first, then whitens. Since foam has more moisture than gel, teeth stay hydrated therefore elimination sensitivity.

Many over the counter teeth bleaching products are also highly PH acidic. These products can cause tooth surface loss and sensitivity. Love That White Smile's no sensitivity 3-step gentle and non-abrasive foaming system, with less than 1% hydrogen peroxide and neutral PH, gently cleans beneath the surface of your teeth to remove stains and gently whiten teeth.

Not only is this system gentle and effective but it works quickly. You can start seeing noticeable results in just 3 days!

Our gentle maintenance foam keeps your teeth protected and looking whiter longer. A gentle, easy to use foam that keeps your teeth white for life. How easy is that?

  • no messy strips or trays
  • no sensitivity
  • no abrasives
  • long lasting results
  • fast results with out
  • the inconvenience
  • great minty taste

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