1. Carole
    Carole on said:

    OK I just lost that comment. I wanted to say I love Love That White Smile. I have sensitive teeth to begin with and have found Crest Whitestrips and Aquafresh trays really hurt me. This is like “toothpaste with benefits” lol. It surprises me how it lifted the color of my teeth, which are stained by coffee most of the time. I’m pleased it’s available in Target now because I ordered mine from Canada and it took forever to get here. I have the two cleaning and whitening foams and the maintenance foam.

  2. Leah B.
    Leah B. on said:

    Truly THE BEST teeth whitener I’ve tried and I’ve tried them all including a professional treatment (Zoom) that hurt the evening after. That cost me a mortgage payment and kept my teeth whiter for about two weeks. The problem I guess is that my teeth are naturally a greyish colour and I drink a lot of coffee and red wine. I also smoke a little. Love That White Smile lets me clean up my teeth and keep them that way.

    I used the Cleaning and Whitening foam for six weeks because it lasted that long and then switched to the maintenance product. I’m very impressed to say the least. I’ve not had one hint of sensitivity and my teeth are as white as when I had them done by my dentist (which is slightly grey). I think I’m a bit too long in the tooth for the glosses but they look like fun.

  3. Daniel
    Daniel on said:

    It is a quick way to whiten your smile after a meal or just finishing a hot beverage like tea or coffee. I found the product very easy to use and I like the portablity to take with you any where.

  4. Jessica
    Jessica on said:

    I was so impressed with the Instant effect !

    sometimes it takes awhile for some products to work..love the fresh minty taste..lip plumper:)

    went for dinner and drinks after work with girlfriends and litterally the night before got my samples! So I brought them with me and we all got to sample them …..great reviews was fun:)

  5. Angelina
    Angelina on said:

    It’s amazing ! Instantly whitens Teeth ….even after Red Wine,,,tastes minty refreshing !! plus the lip plumping Lip gloss ..great combo! the light also offers interest?? everyone wants the lastest :)

    LOVING White Smile :) :)

  6. Taylor
    Taylor on said:

    first and most importantly, helped keep my teeth from staining. daughter likes the lip gloss taste and feeling on her lips


  7. Sarah
    Sarah on said:

    I loved how fresh my mouth felt. I feel that this is the perfect item for every womans bag, as quite often after eating we can not brush our teeth. It’s awesome to have on the go.

    The texture of the gloss was not sticky, and the tooth paste did not leave your teeth feeling funny, I couldent even tell there was anything on them!

  8. Scott
    Scott on said:

    It is the first product I have seen that you can use to freshen your breath while at the same time making your teeth look whiter and shinier

  9. Sam

    Convenient, with the ability to whiten with precision; there is a demand fore a wand-style whitener and this will fill the void. A whitener and lip plumpeer are a perfect pair, too. The minty flavour is pleasant too.

  10. Jonathan
    Jonathan on said:

    I love the fresh feeling in my mouth, I am a smoker and will apply this after every break and know that I am getting a fresh breath task and working on the stains on my teeth.

  11. Audrey
    Audrey on said:

    The product for me did everything it said it would and more. I loved the fresh clean feel the tooth gloss game me. My teeth seemed brighterand cleaner.

    The gloss I thought would of gave that stinging feeling because it is supposed to help promote plumping of the lip, but it did’nt. I love how soft my lips felt when I wore the gloss

  12. Simonne Mendes
    Simonne Mendes on said:

    I had tried products in the past but this one stood out.I love the instant freshness feel and I love the smooth feeling of the toothgloss. I love that it protects my teeth from future stains. The lipgloss was not sticky and the formula was gentle and did not irritate my lips as most lip plumpers do.

  13. Eliza
    Eliza on said:

    the lip gloss is gorgeous and the tooth gloss really works :)

  14. Anthony
    Anthony on said:

    The protection factor of the tooth gloss and the reflective properties of the lip gloss. Amazing! And the fresh burst of flavour!

  15. Caroline
    Caroline on said:

    The most interesting part that i enjoy and loved about this product was the fact that it was a mint taste.It wasnt any horrible taste such as a tasting chemical that you would force yourself to use it just to get the rusults you want!it is amazing and i am already on my third day,i see STAINS disapparing!WOW!

    YES to “Love that White Smile

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